Case Study: Virtual Tours for RoomLion

16 May 2014
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RoomLion.com lets you reserve exclusive serviced apartments online. Virtual tours are used by RoomLion to showcase the apartments, so potential clients can get a better idea of the apartment and the location.


RoomLion has certain specific needs for the virtual tours:

  • A quick and easy tool to create virtual tours
  • Virtual Tours should be navigable
  • Tours should be embedded on the RoomLion website
  • All the navigation bars should be hidden
  • Social Media or Map Icons should not be visible


Use YoPano to create customized tours.

Easy to Use
YoPano offers a simple drag and drop wizard to create virtual tours.  No programming is required. Using this interface Roomlion was easily able to create virtual tours for the properties list on their site.  Since YoPano is so easy to use, they did not have to spend any time in training.

Naviagble Tours
YoPano offers multiple options for navigation from one scene to another within the virtual tour. You can use a listbox with scene titles or thumbmails of scenes, which are automatically generated in YoPano. You can also create a hotspot with a custom icon which links to another scene.
In RoomLions case, they decided to use a list box for navigation, as it autoamtically created and looks better in a small embedded virtual tour. This setting was done using link parameters making it a painless process.

Embedding Tours
All the virtual tours created with YoPano are embeddable. Its a simple code that needs to be added any website to embed tours. Our User Interface makes it easy to configure the url parameters, so the embedded tours show only the menus and information that you want to be displayed.

Hidden Menu Items
Since the virtual tours are embedded in a small frame on RoomLion, the navigaton controls need to be hidden and most of the menu items should not be visible. This help bring focus to the Virtual Tour. This can easily be configured using url parameters. Using our url generator you can pick and choose which menu items to dsplay and the url parameters are gererated for you.